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Pet Groomer Vacuum Tip

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This handy, easy to use pet groomer vacuum tip can be used proactively to remove loose dog or cat hair from the coat before it’s shed around the home. Collected hair is then sucked straight into the vacuum for an easy deposit outside your home and not on your couch. By using this on your pets to reduce the amount of shedding it also exfoliates, removing dead skin cells thereby improving coat condition and the animal’s skin.

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  • Captures 99% of Loose Hairs and Allergens before your pet sheds
  • Works for virtually any Vacuum with the included Universal Attachment. It also works for Dyson Vacuums.
  • The Vacuum Groomer grooms your pets in minutes. 
  • Works great for pets with medium and long hair
  • Adjustable bristle length. Use longer bristles for longer hair and retract them for shorter hair
  • Safe for your Pets