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Shock Roulette

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Get ready to shock your friends with this awesome new party game! Designed to take your 'Who's most likely to' games to a whole new electrifying level, as you have never experienced it before!

Play with up to 6 friends and various game modes. Made with durable materials and ease of use, so you have no trouble shocking your friends. Perfect for any social event, no matter where the fun is guaranteed!

Games you can play:

  • Who's most likely to - let the roulette decide who the answer is.
  • Truth or dare - use the roulette to choose the next player.
  • Spin the bottle - spin the roulette. 
  • Classic Shock Roullette - last to get shocking wins.
  • Lie Detector Test - test your friends' loyalty.
  • Bets - bet on who gets shocked next.
  • Get creative and have fun!

This toy is powered by batteries to ensure safety and remove any cables. Don't worry the electric shocks are not that strong and cannot hurt you when used correctly, they are just strong enough to give you a good laugh.