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Intelligent Double-Sided Stunt Car

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Color: Blue

Our double-sided stunt car is redefining RC Toys! It drives fast and easily transforms from an off-road vehicle into a sports car. 

Aren't you just tired of old and boring RC cars based on a concept that has been around since you were a teenager? If you answered yes, or are eager to see the newest addition to the RC world and the way your children play, then the car might be just for you!

My kids love it and it became like their favorite toy! They even prefer it over their tablets, which is very hard to achieve nowadays... - Julia 

The stunt car is able to transform from a race car into a powerful 4x4 beast within milliseconds.

See it in action:

PERFECT GIFT - Whether you have kids or a car-loving partner, this car has shown again and again to be one of the most adored gifts they were ever given. Just read our reviews!

REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY - It achieves true 4x4 movement thanks to its wheels, consisting of highly-adhesive cylinders rather than standard tires. This also allows the car to go in all four directions, not just forwards and backward.

TRANSFORMATIVE - With a single click of a button, or a single palm movement in case of using our gesture-control remote, the car is transformed from a race car into a full-on terrain car able to conquer any surface.

POWERFUL BATTERY -  Our specially developed battery makes sure to provide the car with enough power and usage duration.

It comes with two types of remote controllers. Gesture-control for people who go with evolving technology, and classic remote for old-school lovers.

✔ Faster Than Ever Before - It now has a new top speed of 20 miles per hour!  Nothing can slow it down. 

✔ 2-in-1 - Transforms from an off-road vehicle into a sports car. Switching it around is easy and only takes a few seconds. 

✔ Remote control - Speed it up, slow it down, and switch between off-road and sports car mode without having to move a muscle. 

✔ Double-sided - The car can drive upside down if you want it to. Flip it over, and it will keep rolling. Obstacles are no match. 


Battery: 7.4V 1400 MAh battery

Battery life: 45-60 minutes of heavy usage

Size: 42 x 22 x 9.5cm

Weight: 2kg / 4lb.

  • Intelligent Double-Sided Stunt Car
  • Gesture-control remote
  • Classic remote with levers & buttons
  • Battery
  • Charging cable
  • User manual