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Portable Lint Remover

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If you're looking for a way to protect yourself from the abuse your clothing gets from daily wear, you need to check out the Portable Lint Remover. In fact, it's probably your favorite items that often suffer the most from fuzz build-up and pilling. Our unique electric lint remover quickly removes fuzz, lint, and pilling from almost any fabric.

lint remover

Restores your clothes and fabrics to a fresh new look with this fabric shaver. Our lint remover is easy to travel with and battery operated which can be carried anywhere with you to remove fur, threads and more.

Our lint shaver can be safely used on coats, sweaters, carpets, furniture, and fabrics like wool, cotton, fleece, polyester and almost all fabrics. The remover is also suitable to be used to clean car seats or any hard to reach crevices. 

fabric shaver

Give your clothes a fresh new look with this clothes shaver. Our lint remover works wonders on your well-loved clothes and can have you looking your best in no time at all!


Our portable lint remover has outperformed and underpriced traditional lint rollers for years. With a superior product at reasonable prices, this electric lint remover can be used as a lint remover or pilling remover and are arguably the best fabric shaver currently in the market! 

clothes shaver


Revitalize Your Garments - Portable lint remover uses stainless steel precision blades to quickly remove fuzz, lint, and pilling from almost any fabric and is an effective way to revive your garments without having to spend a lot of money.

Simple To Use - The clothes shaver works fast in removing fuzz on clothes and can also remove pet hair, crumbs, lint and more without leaving a sticky residue behind.

Saves Time and Effort - Simply blow this sweater pill remover over the fabrics you want to clean and it will get rid of the lint in just a few minutes.