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Inflobe Wireless Earbuds

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Color: Black

The Longest Lasting IPX7 Wireless Earbuds, the world’s most advanced true wireless earbuds U designed with superior Hi-Fi sound and ultra-long playtime. It’s your perfect workout companion with a secure fit and an IPX-7 waterproof rating. Designed by audio's finest award-winning engineers, the waterproof wireless headphones brings next-generation technology to today's active listener.

TWS Wireless Headset Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds Touch Control Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 4000mAh Charging Capacity Digital Display Power Stereo IPX7 Waterproof Sports Earphones.

✅ 1st Wireless Charging Earbuds 
✅ Superior Sound Quality
✅ IPX-7 Waterproof 
✅ Powered by aptX
✅ Ergonomic Design 
✅ Low Latency Bluetooth 5.0
✅ Intuitive Touch Sensor
✅ Charging Capacity Digital Display Power
 Charging power for your smartphone (As your mobile phone charging bin)

4000mAH charging case:4000mAH large capacity charge storage integrated housing, can repeatedly charge the headset 42 times. It also enables the charging of smartphones, IQOS, etc. as a mobile battery to avoid battery drain when going out or traveling.

IPX7 waterproof design: prevents water intrusion, sweat and splash, sudden rain and so on.

3D stereo sound effect, Hi-Fi for high sound quality: CVC 8.0 noise reduction technology, support for SBC / AAC audio.Clear enough to feel the sound, effectively remove the noise during the call and the surrounding noise, and achieve a comfortable call.

Freed from the hassle of cables, we can enjoy comfortably in a variety of everyday situations, such as sports, driving, walking, watching DVDs and conference calls.

Features a customized driver made with graphene - a highly conductive, flexible, and strong material consisting of latticed carbon atoms bonded in a hexagonal pattern. This advanced material allows producing mids and highs that are rich in detail and perfectly balanced with the bass tones.

Auto-Matching. Binaural Call: 
Volume Adjustable Automatically activates the power ON/OFF and the setting between the pairing setting mode and the terminal by putting in and taking out from the charging. The second time, it will automatically connect to the device.

There is no problem with one ear, and both ears are used as left and right separate Bluetooth headsets. The one-touch design allows for one-handed operation for versatile operation, and you can also control "Siri compatible".
Headphones are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 + EDR: Full wireless headset equipped with the latest chip Bluetooth 5.0 + EDR, double data transmission speed and 8 times data transmission capacity, which is about four times the communication range of traditional headphones.

Experience an easy and fast pairing connection. Outstanding stability. High-speed transmission is possible within 15 meters. It supports Bluetooth with all devices (iPhone / Android / PC / Tablet, etc.).

You ask. They answer. Access your favorite virtual assistants in an instant. With a simple touch, you can talk to Siri or Google without having to take out your phone. Voice AI Control (for Siri, Google, Microsoft Voice AI).

Ergonomic Comfort Design,:Security Support. With an ergonomic-based motion design, only one ear is the only 5g, which provides a comfortable fit and a sense of unity.

It is easy to match the shape of the ear, in order to reduce the burden on the ear. Don't worry about falling on the move, you can use it comfortably. Equipped with English and Japanese instructions.


1x Touch Control Wireless Earbuds

1x Instruction Manual